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Olallie Butte

A few weeks ago, Sprocket and I headed east into the Cascades to hike Olallie Butte. It’s a nice mostly treed hike before scrambling up the last bits of scree to the summit. Olallie is one of Oregon’s 2,000′ prominence peaks and the high point of Wasco county is just off its northeastern flank.

Olallie Butte Trail

Hiking Olallie Butte

Mt. Jefferson dominates the southern view, actually obscuring Three Finger Jack, Mt. Washington and…

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New England Friend Time

New England Friend Time

My time at Bates was a whirlwind of coursework, softball, and friends. After years of meals together, evenings, weekends, and Patriots/Red Sox games, there were a handful who became like family. Stacia, along side her beautiful new wife Andrea, was the reason for my trip back East was one of those people. Lucy and Franz are part of my Bates friend-family and are some more of those people. Lucky…

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Stacia & Andrea’s Wedding: Part 2

Stacia & Andrea’s Wedding: Part 2

After all the prep work, Saturday morning finally came! There were mimosas, manicures, hairdos, and lots of waiting.

Wedding morning mimosas

Photo courtesy Stacia’s brother, Henry.

Wedding morning manicures

Photo courtesy Stacia’s brother, Henry.

Prewedding festivities

Photo courtesy Stacia’s brother, Henry.

And then, before we knew it, we were all prettied up and ready for a wedding:



Ski lift wedding party

Photo courtesy fellow bridesmaid Emma

Photo courtesy fellow bridesmaid Emma

I’m not even going to try and steal photos…

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Stacia & Andrea’s Wedding: Part 1

Stacia & Andrea’s Wedding: Part 1

After spending a lovely day with Susan enjoying New Hampshire, it was time for the main event of the trip: Stacia and Andrea’s wedding! Stacia and Dre made the long trek to southeastern Utah to celebrate Forrest and I so I was honored to not only be in Maine for their wedding but to be there as a bridesmaid.

Stacia and Andrea

Stacia and Andrea at our wedding…the night before Stacia proposed!!!

When I arrived at…

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